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Understanding the power of patterns

  • Have you ever made a business decision that ended up costing you time and money, or hurt your business in the long term?
  • Have you ever purchased a costly product that didn't deliver what it promised?
  • Have you hired a contractor who didn't do quality work or finish the job within the agreed upon time?
  • Do you often seem to wind up with raw deals and have trouble deciding which products or services are worth spending your money on?
  • Are you confused about how to enter into profitable business deals or land a job that's a good match for you?

You may be missing important information that's right in front of you during all of these transactions!  But now you can learn to capture this information like a hawk--an animal known for its focused vision and keen powers of observation.  

Hawk Wisdom uses a revolutionary system of interpreting unconscious signals that take place during every type of human communication and offer valuable messages about  inancial transactions that occur at the same time.  Casual conversations while shopping, filling your gas tank, or buying a cup of coffee can help steer you away from potentially bad marketplace decisions and toward financial and consumer success.

Psychologist Anna E. O'Brien has developed the Dynamic Pattern Reading system to help you achieve self-defense and honest profit in an increasingly confusing consumer and business marketplace.  Based on ancient archetypal patterns that exist across all cultures, Dynamic Pattern Reading is a skill that can be learned by everyone from home shoppers to corporate executives to develop hawk-like perception in all types of transations.

By developing your own Hawk Wisdom, you will easily recognize good deals (and avoid bad ones!), have better financial and consumer judgment, and know how to make plans that align with favorable patterns and beneficial outcomes. 








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