Date: 11/21/2013 8:23 AM EST

The Fair-Frame or Fair Trade Frame is a sensory or listening and looking construct comprised of four archetypal or universal ideals: truth, justice, value and harmlessness. Keep the Fair-Frame in mind whenever there is a potential for transaction. Remain alert to spontaneous storied communications that come up at the time of this transaction. For example if you are with a sales person and he or she relates a seemingly irrelevant story about something that happened on the way to work. Pay very close attention to that story’s theme. It is very likely that this theme holds meaning for the transaction at hand. I call these meaningful stories "Telling Tales", communication patterns from the adaptive unconscious, which appear in all sorts of sales situations and advertising. An understanding of these dynamic patterns will give anyone an edge. The Fair-Frame is a marketplace equalizer.

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Date: 11/17/2013 3:32 PM EST

Announcing a new book, "Hawk Wisdom: Self-Defense in the Marketplace". This is an excellent introduction to "pattern reading." Hawk Wisdom is about how to have self-defense in the marketplace where the stories told reveal the most likely outcome of a transaction. Conditions of trade, good or bad, are often unknowingly revealed by sales people, brokers and anyone engaged in buying and selling through everyday conversation and chit chat. Without an understanding of this concept, valuable information goes unnoticed. Hawk Wisdom is dynamic pattern reading and gives the reader a good grasp of how to look for patterns of information which emerge during dialogues between people in the marketplace. It is a fascinating concept and a valuable skill. Book available in paper or e-book formats at E-book also available at

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Date: 1/24/2012 10:06 AM EST

This is the beginning of the fair-frame blog.  It is dedicated to dynamic pattern reading in the marketplace in anticipation that this practice and others will encourage consumer mindfulness and fair profit.  Archetypal Pattern Analysts as well all other readers of pattern, humanity in general, are encouaged to share their insights.

Our current patterns of materialism and consumerism are jeopardizing life on this planet.  A fair-frame logic which incorporates an understanding of archetypal pattern as it is expressed at the time of transaction will prove to be very valuable to both individual consumers.  More on this is to follow. 

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