Why Hawk Wisdom Now?

As a psychotherapist and archetypal pattern analyst, I have been an investigator in the areas of human nature and motivation for more than 20 years.  In my psychotherapy practice I discovered that my patients often revealed their unconscious truths to me through stories that reflected common archetypes.  This allowed me to tailor their treatments for most effective and efficient progress.  

Along the way, I began noticing that the same types of unconscious truths were also revealed in stories told in other settings--including commerce and business.  What began, then, as an exceptional psychotherapeutic tool, has grown into a valuable system for determining the underlying truth in buyer and seller transactions. 

I remain awestruck by the way the essence of any transaction can be determined through an understanding of the stories told by each person who participates in transaction, service or product being sold.  By learning and understanding the natural laws governing all human interaction, we all have the ability to recognize the real meaning behind most verbal or non-verbal exchanges.  

In our complex modern world of abundant and competing information, it is crucial to have the right tools to decide which business ventures to undertake, which companies to patronize, which real estate properties to invest in, and which products to buy.  Well-honed Hawk Wisdom can also help you choose the best employee to hire for your company, or the best employment match for yourself.  

I am pleased to share this powerful system with you in my book Hawk Wisdom:  Self-Defense in the Marketplace -- available as an e-book or paperback.  The book provides you with the resources needed to start listening for and perceiving the real information contained within the stories you hear when making any type of transaction.  Backed by extensive research from the fields of psychotherapy, systems theory and physics, the book explores basic patterns of information -- called archetypal patterns -- that repeat under a variety of conditions. By learning to identify these patterns and how they operate, you can easily make consumer and business decisions that will be more beneficial and profitable.    

We are all consumers, whether on a small or a grand scale.  Our collective patterns of consumption are an exceedingly powerful economic force with the potential to influence markets beyond our own sphere.  In the wake of an economic crisis that has touched lives across the economic spectrum, there is an understandable demand for honesty and transparency in business and consumer affairs.  

I am convinced that a new era of mindfulness in the marketplace is upon us, and that a heightened awareness of archetypal patterns will bring about both personal profit and collective social, economic and environmental benefits. We have the individual and collective ability to create socially and environmentally responsible products and actions in our marketplace and businesses.  Now is the time for us to take ownership and responsibility for what takes place there

This is the call of Hawk Wisdom.





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